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No child says, "when I grow up, I want to sell my body for sex."  

Together, we can save innocent, young lives. Here are Ella and Alana's stories.

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2 million children are sold for sex each year.

Sex trafficking first appears to be a fairytale and quickly turns grim for innocent children in every state in America.

The Once Upon A Crime public service announcement series is bringing light to the dangerous ways 2 million children each year are sold for sex. The series, as seen in TV, print, social media and radio, depicts how sexual predators disguise themselves as their knight in shining armor only to lure young girls into "the life" of sex trafficking. Predators exploit the insecurities, vulnerabilities and fear of children, knowing that society has historically fueled their fantasy with promises of a happy ending. While this may seem like it only happens far, far away from home, the grim reality is that it’s happening right here on our American soil, in every state.

With your help, we can end stories like these and protect future generations.

How does it happen?

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Childhood sexual abuse is the root for many sex trafficking victims.
It usually happens at the hands of someone they should be able to trust.

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They begin to believe a lie and keep secrets.
"Look what you made me do."

"You should be ashamed of yourself." 

"Don't tell anyone...or else." 

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 They try to escape the abuse.

The Average age of

running away and

entering into sex

trafficking is 15-17. Other kids try to escape through drugs, rebellion or even perfectionism.

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 Within 48 hours of leaving home, 1/3 children are approached by a predator.

They are lured in with false promises of love and protection.

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They are sold 15-40 times every 24 hours.

They are manipulated, beaten, coerced and threatened into submission, completely controlled by their trafficker who once posed as a Romeo.

"As girls, we grow-up with Cinderella stories

and sex traffickers know this."

- Iryana, Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Take action by supporting the fight to end sex trafficking and learning more about our movement to save young lives.

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The Selah Way Foundation is the nation's largest network of anti-sexual exploitation and trafficking service providers. Through three initiatives - Prevention, Protection and Provision - we are bringing tangible solutions in the fight to end sexual exploitation. 

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Discover what you were Groomed for, and prevent the next generation from falling into the trap of secrets and lies.

The Once Upon a Crime fairytale series is just a small representation of how women and children across America are groomed throughout their life. In the gripping new book written by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good and published by Harper Collins, Groomed, is a first hand account of a survivor of sexual abuse. Fisher Good guides readers toward an understanding that grooming can oftentimes be subtle, but is always life-altering. 

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